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Random blog

Random blog – the random sentence generator blog.


I am a real human. Some people call me slady. I have got my real home page set up on the address, take a look around there.

What is it?

I set up this web page (that actually looks like a blog), because I was not happy with the page rank. What is such a page rank? If you try to put the word 'slady' into a search engine, let's say Google, you will get many addresses to web pages containing the word 'slady'. My page is on the second or third place, but I am not happy with it. I want to be on the first place.

I found out that the word 'slady' exists. It means 'traces' in Polish. So it appears rather often on the Internet. More often than my nickname 'slady'.

The search engines would rank me higher, if
* there will be more updates on my web page, and
* there will be more links directing to my web page.
I set up this random blog, to fulfill these criteria.

It is full of complete nonsense and nobody should read it. Every day, a new post will appear. But it is not written by any human. It is written by a machine. Computer called Jabberwock fills in new randomly created text every day, using a method called the random sentence generator. So post updates are guaranteed to be frequent. :-)

And if you want to help me with the second goal, please, make a link on your site directing eigher to or to Both links are very welcome and helpful.

First I put this page on a free web service provider about the end of 2004 (perhaps in November). This was not very good idea. Maybe they found out, but sure is that the site was gone very soon afterwards. All the data were deleted completely. Everything was lost! This is a new site hosted on my friend's computer at United Computer Wizards. It shall be firm for some little time.


This page should help me get higher in search engines. It is full of nonsense and no one shall read it. Please, once again, if you have your own web page, make a link to and and tell other people to do so. Thank you very much! slady